Chat to places you’ve never heard of!

Our international calls are so cheap why not say hi to somewhere you’ve never even heard of?

From Aruba and Anguilla to Vanuata and Tuvana, not forgetting Dnespropetrovsk and Guayaqil – It’s now so cheap to call all over the world with Cherry Call that you can afford to spend all day talking to places I can’t even spell.

Yes, remarkable as it might seem, Cherry fans, our prices have dropped again for loads of countries. And, as they say in some of the cornier advertising you might see, “there are literally too many to list here”. (We’d never be so corny of course.)

Canberra sauce

Naturally we’ve dropped our prices to more familiar destinations too. You can now call Australia for just 1p a minute…call China for 1p a minute…call the Czech Republic for just Bombay or Delhi for 3p…Israel for 1p..Japan for 1.5p…New Zealand for 1.5p and many more (literally too many to list here). Click here to find out the cost to the country you want to call.

Dialling Dnespropetrovsk

Here’s how to reach those difficult to reach places:

  1. Go to to find the special Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call.
  2. Make a note of this number, then use it whenever you want to make a cheap international call.
  3. When you call you’ll hear a second dialling tone.
  4. Now just dial your full international number in the normal way, including the international dialling code that begins with zero zero.
  5. Start saving

So, for example: to Cherry Call a number in Hong Kong you just dial 0843 716 4444 then 00852 plus eg 123456. And you’ll pay just 1.5p a minute at any time of the day. Make the same call via BT and you’ll pay an extra 10p, every minute. The Cherry Call will appear on your bill in the normal way, but the number dialled will show as 0843 716 4444 and the cost will be so small as to be almost invisible (depending on how long you gas on for, of course).

From Bradford to Burundi not via BT

Cherry Call offers you these savings because we divert your call via our own internet network. This means we don’t have to pay to use BT’s expensive international phone lines and therefore we can pass on the massive savings to you.

Spread the word from Thetford to Thessaloniki (1.5p)

No wonder people say Cherry Call is the international phone service ‘that BT would rather you didn’t know about’.

So make sure you tell your friends about us!

And by the way, remember that you can Cherry Call from your landline, your mobile, even public phone boxes or phones where international calls are barred.

Keep those calls a-coming!

Robin James
Cherry Call

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