BT! Darwin says your days are numbered!

I was enjoying a pint of Old Todger Scrumpy at the Badger & Beaver the other evening when the conversation turned to religion – and more specifically evolution vs God. You know, Darwin, natural selection and all that stuff vs Adam, Eve and the talking snake…

And whilst I understand that an online newsletter designed to remind my lovely customers about the fabulous savings they can make on their international phone calls (simply by popping in a couple of digits before they dial) might seem an odd place to bring up old Charlie D and so forth, bear with me a mo.

Naturally, being a global leader in cut-price international telecomms technology, yours truly is firmly on the side of science in any debate of this nature. One only has to sneek a furtive glance at my beloved lady wife, the formidable Mrs James, to recognise that we are all descended from ferocious dinosaurs.

And to see Natural Selection, as they call it, in action right now you need look no further than the international phone call marketplace!

On one side you’ve got CherryCall going from strength to strength as more and more people realise that they can save huge amounts by switching to us.

On the other, you’ve got BT and all the other big boys – dinosaurs of telephony – struggling to offer a service that can compete.

They’re not quite on their last legs yet but, let’s be honest, they are starting to look like a fossilised relic of a bygone age. With silly prices and complicated tariffs.

Just like a dinosaur, they’re slow, dim and, if you keep using CherryCall, doomed to oblivion!

Here are our latest price cuts to put another few nails in the old boys’ coffins: all the prices shown are PENCE per MINUTE and apply ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

  • Albania – Down to 8p
  • Antigua Mobile – Down to 15.3p
  • Argentina – Down to 2p
  • Aruba – Down to 6p
  • Barbados Mobiles – Down to 15.3p
  • Benin – Down to 15.3p
  • Benin Mobiles – Down to 15.3p
  • Costa Rica Mobiles – Down to 4p
  • Egypt – Down to 5p
  • Faroe Islands Mobile – Down to 13.3p
  • Gibraltar Mobiles – Down to 13.3p
  • Guam – Down to 1p
  • Honduras – Down to 6p
  • Honduras Mobiles – Down to 8p
  • Jamaica – Down to 6p
  • Jamaica Mobiles – Down to 15.3p
  • Moldova Mobiles – Down to 13.3p
  • Montenegro – Down to 8p
  • Nicaragua – Down to 8p
  • United Arab Emirates – Down to 9p

These are just this month’s new reductions. To see all our competitor-smashing prices:

I’m sure you won’t need reminding how you go about making these epic savings, but just in case…

  1. Go to the our lovely, superhelpful website to get hold of the special phone number you need to dial before the country you want to call.
  2. Dial the CherryCall number and wait to hear a friendly message along the lines of: “Thanks for using CherryCall. Please enter the internatinal number you wish to dial”.
  3. Now dial your normal, full international number, remembering that you have to include the international dialling code starting with zero zero (00).
  4. That’s it! The call will show on your bill as the CherryCall number you dialled first.
  5. Want to call from your mobile? You can make massive savings with CherryCall too. Click here to find out all you need to know about CherryCall calls from a mobile

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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