“This Bob Diamond chap. Do you think he’s married?”

You’ve got to hand it to my glamorous, fiery-haired PA. (As she now calls herself. I’m sure it says office junior and receptionist on her payslip). And if you don’t hand it to her she’ll probably take it anyway.

As I was saying, you’ve got to hand it to miss de Cerise. Where there’s a few quid in the offing she’s out of the traps like a greased greyhound in running spikes.

I’ve never thought of the aforementioned Loretta as someone who follows the Footsie. Follows the footie, yes, especially if they’re running round with their shirts off.

An unquestionable interest in high heels yes. But high finance? Well, not that I’ve noticed.

So her sudden fascination with the newly deposed head of Barclays Bank couldn’t help but pique my curiosity.

“Married, Loretta? I’ve no idea. Why do you ask?”

“Well he must be feeling a little rejected after losing his job. I thought perhaps he might, you know, need a shoulder to cry on. He might like to hear how he can use Cherry Call to call his family and chums back in New York for next to nothing, for example.”

Call me cynical if you must but I can’t help thinking Loretta’s sudden urge to offer succour and repose to one of the world’s richest bankers might be motivated by something other than honour and compassion.

But she does have a point as, to be fair, she often does.

Cherry Call is indeed a jolly cost-efficient way to talk to one’s ex-colleagues in the Large Banana or whatever it is the media folk call New York. It’ll cost you just a penny a minute, actually. All day every day, too.

Fixing the rates

In fact, wherever you need to call, chances are we’re startingly cheaper than those big telecoms outfits you normally use. We’ve lowered another batch of rates, too, this very month. (And with not a single bottle of bolly changing hands, to boot):

  • Bahrain mobiles down to 1.5p a minute
  • Botswana mobiles down to 10p a minute
  • Chile landlines down to 1p a minute
  • China mobiles down to 1p a minute
  • Denmark mobiles down to 5p a minute
  • Egypt landlines down to 5p a minute
  • Israel mobiles down to 2p a minute
  • Japan landlines down to 1.5p a minute
  • Mexico mobiles down to 3p a minute
  • New Zealand mobiles down to 3p a minute
  • Nigeria mobiles down to 5p a minute
  • Korean landlines down to 1p a minute
  • Uganda mobiles down to 5p a minute

You can find all our latest per-minute rates right here on our website: click to go.

A service you can bank on

“I say, Loretta, I’ve just written ‘Cherry is a service you can bank on’. Do you get it? You know ‘bank on’, Barclays and all that…”

Loretta rolled her eyes as usual when faced with the cut and thrust of witty repartee. “Just tell them what to do, Robin, and keep it simple.”

We do keep it simple, actually. No pins, passwords or hidden fees. Here’s how to save a pretty packet with Cherry Call:

*You just visit Cherry Call.co.uk to find the special Cherry Call number to ring for the country you want to call. (Different countries have different Cherry Call numbers) or click here

*Make a note of this number, then use it whenever you want to make a cheap international call.

*When you call you’ll hear a nice polite lady (NOT Loretta, obviously) asking you to dial the international number

*Now just dial the whole number in the normal way, including the international dialling code that begins with 00.

“‘A service you can bank on’ yes, that really is very good, Loretta”, though I say so myse… Oh. She seems to have taken an early lunch.

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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