Black Friday, Cyber Monday…it’s time for Cherry Tuesday!

Regular readers of my musings will know that I, Robin James, MD of Cherry Call have dedicated my professional life to bringing down the cost of international calls to a level that ordinary folk can afford.

Calls for the masses, all day every day, you might say. Bargain is my middle name.

“No it isn’t, it’s Cyril. I saw it on your P60”.

Ah, that will of course be my so-called personal assistant, Loretta. Piping up, as usual, with her smart-aleck comments when they are least needed and most guaranteed to throw my train of thought into a tailspin.

It is, however, the season of good will to all men and even jolly annoying secretaries so I will let this one pass.

But, to get back on track, there wasn’t much goodwill to all men going on in my local electrical equipment superstore the other day – on so-called Cyber Monday, to be precise.

I was strolling towards Cherry Towers, deep in thought as I struggled to find yet another marvellous call-cost-cutting wheeze for our customers, when I couldn’t help but notice what can only be described as a fracas spilling onto the pavement before me.

On closer inspection, it was clear that a not insignificant number of the local populace were literally exchanging blows (and the sort of fruity language that would make a hardened squaddie blush) in order to get their hands on a half-price telly and £50 off a blender.

Remarkable. If a little unseemly.

But clearly something was afoot here. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of them…these dubious imports from the USA had clearly struck a chord with the British shopper, like it or not.

So, just in time for Christmas, I’d like to announce the very first Cherry Tuesday!

If you say it out loud, it sounds rather good! And, Loretta, please stop rolling your eyes like that. You’re not Princess Kate of Cambridge, you know.

And here are my Cherry Tuesday super savers.

Belgium Mobile now just 1.5p a minute
Brazil Mobile now just 3p a minute
Cambodia now just 2.5p a minute
Cambodia Mobile now just 2.5p a minute
India Mobile Now just 1p a minute
Italy now just 1p a minute
Malawi now just 5p a minute
Morocco now just 1p a minute
Mozambique Mobile now just 4p a minute
Myanmar now just 10p a minute
New Zealand Mobile now just 2.5p a minute
Spain Mobile now just 1.5p a minute


These are all brand-new price cuts with immediate effect. You can see ALL our lastest prices on our interweb thingy here

And the very best thing about Cherry Tuesday is that these new prices aren’t just for Tuesday, they’re for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Our super-cheap rates for international calls apply all day, every day, all year. And you don’t get penalised if you talk for more than an hour, or any of those slippery weasels that other companies trick you with, either.

Loretta is sighing again. “Well then it’s not really Cherry Tuesday, is it? The whole point is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday etc prices are just for one day, Robin.”

And now you can see, in a nutshell, why Loretta will never be a captain of industry. She simply fails to grasp the brilliance of my concept. But patience is one my most remarked upon virtues…

“Of course not, Loretta. Cherry Tuesday is much, much better than either of those.

With us you can save up to 98% compared with BT whenever the moment grabs you.

Whether it’s a Wednesday in Winter or a Sunday in Summer. Father’s day, mother’s day, New Year’s Day or Christmas Day, with Cherry Call you can make sensational savings whenever YOU want to make them.”

And talking of which, allow me to wish all our lovely customers a delightful festive season and a very happy new year.

Robin James

MD Cherry Call



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