Bearded ladies, singing twins, X-Factor rejects – it can only be Eurovision time again

Naturally, when you’re at the helm of an international cut-price telecommunications outfit like Cherry Call, constantly battling the forces of evil (ie BT) to reduce the cost of international phone calls for ordinary folk, you don’t have a lot of time for so-called Popular Culture and Tabloid Tittle Tattle.

But when your newspaper is full of folk who, quite frankly, wouldn’t look out of place in a circus freak show, one is forced to take notice. Apparently they’re entrants in the Eurovision singing contest – that uniquely irritating annual event where has-beens and never-will-be’s strut their ludicrous stuff in a giant exhibition hall in Latvia or somewhere before disappearing back into obscurity.

“Don’t be such a bore, Robin, it’s a right good laugh. We always have a party…”

Needless to say, if you’re a regular reader of my missives you’ll recognize the dulcet tones of my so-called personal assistant, Ms Loretta de Cerise. You can always rely on her to be the voice of the man in the street or, in her case, the woman on the pink mobile.

“It’s on Saturday. You should come. Or at least make it the theme of your newsletter this month. You know, Eurovision uniting the nations of Europe, just like Cherry Call does etc etc. You could talk about the new online ordering thingy as well.”

Sadly, it’s not the first time that Ms de Cerise has, albeit totally by accident, hit on a jolly good wheeze. She does have a point, it has to be said.

Cherry Call does indeed play a vital role in keeping nation speaking unto nation, or whatever the old BBC slogan is. And not just Europeans either. In fact, this month’s price cuts on international calls are all outside the Eurovision region. For example…


Antigua Barbuda Mobile Down to 13.3p a minute
Bhutan Mobile Now just 5p a minute
Comoros Down to 35p
Mozambique Mobile Down to 4p
Myanmar Down to 10p
Qatar Down to 13p a minute


All the latest price cuts are here.

In case you’re wondering, Myanmar is what they’re calling Burma these days. And Comoros is a little African island, a short hop from Madagascar. (Never let it be said that reading my newsletters doesn’t broaden your mind as well as saving your money.)

And as Loretta intimated, there’s a brand new way to get super-cheap calls from Cherry Call, too – making three ways to save a massive amount of money…

Say you wanted to call the bearded lady/man representing Austria in this year’s contest (who goes under the moniker of Conchita Sausage).

1. You could call from a regular landline. You just dial 0843 715 4444 before the full Austria number, including 00. And you’d pay 0.5p a minute to call a landline, or 2.5p to call a mobile.

2. You could call from your mobile. Text CHERRY to 68888 to buy £5 of calling credit. We’ll send a text with a PIN. Then just dial 0161 328 2820, tap in your PIN and then the full Austria number. You pay 2p a minute to call this way.

3. Or you could use our brand-new online ordering service. This lets you buy a ‘virtual’ phone card for £5, £10 or £25 that you can use from any UK phone by dialling one of two access numbers and entering your PIN. Find the rate for the country you’re calling by clicking here

Easy as, dare I say it, 1, 2, 3. And Loretta, please don’t groan like that. You sound like a Eurovision entry.


Robin James

Managing Director

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