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The Robin James Simple Solution for World Peace and All That Malarkey (naturally involving superb savings on international phone calls).

I’ve never really considered myself a natural politician. I once stood for the school council and was narrowly defeated by Thompson Minor, better-known to all of us as Speccy Four Eyes of the Fourth Form.

I can only imagine it was a sympathy vote that made the difference as my own manifesto, “Longer Lunches and Let Girls In”, was without doubt more in touch with the zeitgeist of the day. (I think that’s the word: Loretta, please check.)

However, to come to the point swiftly and without further ado, it strikes me that Robin James, MD of Cherry Call, esq has actually hit the nail on the proverbial head with my straightforward, no-nonsense solution to everything that’s wrong in the world and that, as a consequence of said brainwave, the posh letter inviting me to replace Banksy Moon at the helm of the United Nations can only be a day or two away.

It’s all about communication, you see.

Just like when Mrs James Who Must Be Feared and I have our moments of not quite seeing eye to eye. We simply sit down and talk it through. We exchange our opinions openly and without reservation and then I do exactly what she says. It works every time.

Take this young whippersnapper Kim Jong Il in North Korea, for instance. He’s rattling his metaphorical sabre, gnashing his metaphorical teeth and generally stamping his feet in a way that anyone with a four year old child can instantly recognise.

Yet all it needs to soothe his furrowed brow is a dash of the old communication! And of course that simply means getting on the blower to young Jong and talking it all through man-to-man until the waters are smoothed and the bridges are built. Just like that Simon and Garfunkel song.

And of course that’s where yours truly can help. If you need to have a long heart to heart phone chat with someone on the other side of the globe it can be a jolly expensive business.

Unless you use Cherry Call!

You can blab on to rogue dictators, warring warlords and other sundry political types to your heart’s content and it costs you barely nothing in comparison to BT and the other big boys.

Bingo! Before you know it world peace is established, hands across the water are fully engaged.

And this month I’m delighted to say that we’ve actually reduced the per-minute call cost to over 30 destinations! Yes, sirree!

Here’s a quick snapshot (as my marketing chappies always call it):

  • Bangladesh – now down to 2.5p/min
  • Chile – 1.5p per minute
  • Finnish Mobile – was 5p/min – now 4p/min
  • Greek Mobile – now only 1.5p a minute
  • Israel Mobile – was 2.5p/min, now just 1.5p
  • Italian Mobile – down to 6p a minute
  • Jamaica – now 5p/min
  • Kazakhstan – down 2p a minute to 5p
  • Nepal – was 8p/min, now 7p
  • Nigeria – now just 5p a minute
  • Polish Mobile – 2.5p a minute
  • Swedish Mobile – was 2.5p/min, now only 2p/min

As I said, we’ve reduced the cost on over 30 destinations so to find out our very latest Cherry Call price for the country you’d like to call, you can click through to our website here: Cherry Call website

Need I add that with Cherry Call there are no signups, no sneaky fees, no passwords and you can use Cherry Call from any phone – whether you’re calling overseas from Downing Street or Coronation Street.

All you have to do is dial our special Cherry Call access number to tap into the Cherry Call super cheap overseas service.

The number automatically, and instantly, redirects your call via our internet network. So say you want to call our aforementioned chum in North Korea…

  1. Go to the Cherry website to get our North Korea access number.
  2. Dial it!
  3. Listen for a recorded voice asking you to dial Kim Jong’s usual number (or any normal international number of your choice, obviously).
  4. Tap in the full international phone number, including the 00 at the start.
  5. Chat to dictator of your choice until tempers are calmed, trade deals are struck etc.
  6. On your next bill from your phone company, your overseas call (or calls, hint hint) will appear as the Cherry Call access numbers you dialled first.

And if I’m not here next month I apologise in advance. I’ll probably be at the White House giving my new pal Barack a discreet one-to-one lesson in international diplomacy.

Robin James
MD Cherry Call

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