All Hail Cherry Call (and the Queen)

Welcome dear Cherry Callers. How is it Autumn already? The past 8 months have flown by and I’m not even sure we can say we’ve had a summer… I’m hoping we’re in store for an Indian summer though, so all is not lost!

Talking of time flying by, has anyone else noticed supermarket shelves already stocked with Christmas treats? I’ve just spotted Loretta (still sporting a glow from her recent summer holiday) looking up – the shock on her face when I told her we have 3 months until Christmas was rather amusing!

Anyway, I’m waffling. What I wanted to mention was the mighty feat that our Majesty Queen Elizabeth achieved this Wednesday (9th September). I’m going to take inspiration from her dedication to the people of her country and inject it into Cherry Call!

“Why are you rolling your eyes?”

“Oh Robin, what on earth are you going on about?”

“Well I just think that it’s quite impressive that our Queen has ruled this country longer than any other monarch, a whopping 63 years, and she is still going strong and remains a trusted an iconic figure of Great Britain. You see Loretta, this is exactly how I want to run Cherry Call.”

“Cue the soppy music…”

“Oh stop it.”

As I was saying… it is with great pride that I, Robin James, in the presence of Loretta as a witness, hereby announce my mission to always provide cheap, fast, high quality calls to the people of Great Britain who wish to call their friends and loved ones in far away lands from the comfort of their own home or office. Cherry Call is and will remain a trusted company with our cherished customers at the heart of everything we do.

With this promise in mind, I would like to bring you our new super duper cheap rates. All of the countries using the following Instant Access Numbers are down to these incredibly low rates!

0913 304 4444 down to just… 13p per minute!

0913 150 4444 down to just… 15p per minute!

0913 152 4444 down to just… 20p per minute!

0913 153 4444 down to just… 25p per minute!

0913 154 4444 down to just… 30p per minute!

0913 155 4444 down to just… 35p per minute!

0913 156 4444 down to just… 40p per minute!

0913 157 4444 down to just… 45p per minute!

0913 158 4444 down to just… 50p per minute!

0913 159 4444 down to just… 60p per minute!

0913 160 4444 down to just… 75p per minute!

That means that not just one, two or three, but a humungous 176 countries around the world are now cheaper to call through Cherry Call! That’s right, 176 countries!

You see Loretta, just as the Queen is a respected and celebrated part of the United Kingdom, Cherry Call will be too. As long as we carry on providing an excellent service to people looking for cheap calls to every corner of the world, we too will become a trusted household name!

Robin James
Managing Director
Cherry Call

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