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In the news this week we’ve had Mr Cameron telling us about his vision for the NHS and how, under the current system, you better injure yourself before the weekend if you wish to be treated adequately.

Apparently, this isn’t limited to our world-renowned National Health Service either – throughout the world people careless enough to bang their elbow or scratch their hand are less likely to make it out alive during the weekend!

I banged my elbow once and I’ll tell you, that ‘funny bone’ aint so funny! I don’t remember dying from it though, anyway, I digress…

When you think about it, in a logical world the NHS should be better staffed on weekends than weekdays because that’s when everyone is off work and likely to get their minor ailment looked at, but I suppose not everyone can be as forward thinking as the boffins here at Cherry Towers.

Whilst we’re on the topic of hospitals, have you ever tried one of those vending machine ‘refreshments’? If they’re making cuts to fund extra staff what on earth will happen to the cup of hot brown that the vending machines spit at you? You can barely call it coffee, more like water that’s had a rusty nail dipped in it for 0.248 seconds and then labelled ‘delicious’ or something else equally as dubious.

Maybe they make it as disgusting as possible to try and get you through the doors quicker and into the nearest coffee shop, leg cast or not. Maybe we should scrap hospitals altogether and just equip coffee shops with the tools and know how. They’re already open 7 days a week, are used to catering for customers’ needs in a timely fashion AND they serve great coffee.

There you are Mr Cameron, we’ve just saved you £8bn, we’ll take a free coffee and a leg cast to go, please.

Whilst we think that something as vital as the NHS should provide the same level of care throughout the week, might we remind you that Cherry Call always has and always will look after you and your overseas calls, 7 days a week! That’s right, doing our part for the NHS staff who, after their extremely longs shifts, can go home and call their brother in Australia regardless of whether it’s 2am in the morning or not!

So regardless of what Davey C and his chums do, you can count on us to offer the same fantastic rates 24/7; meaning you can call whoever, wherever, whenever for less than you’d think!

Take a look at our incredible rates that are falling once again…

Afghanistan… down to 13.3p a minute

Angola… down to 3p a minute

Aruba… down to 7p a minute

Australia… down to 1p a minute and Australia Mobile… down to 3p a minute

Chile… down to 1p a minute

Grenada… down to 5p a minute

Jamaica… down to 5p a minute

Malta Mobile… down to 1p a minute

Pakistan Mobile… down to 4p a minute

Russia… down to 1p a minute

San Marino… down to 1.5p a minute

South Africa… down to 1p a minute

Trinidad and Tobago… down to 3p a minute

Vietnam… down to 4p a minute


We’re pleased as punch with this month’s fantastic price reductions –  Enjoy!


Robin James

Managing Director

Cherry Call

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