26 Festive Price Drops!

Low international ratesWell hello there money saving fans, and welcome to the Christmas edition of Cherry news! To say I’m a little bit pleased with myself would be an understatement but nonetheless, we’ve wrapped up a corker of a present for you to enjoy over the festive season!

Whilst pondering over new and exciting ways to save the good people of Great Britain money on their international calls I had an idea… Why not create an advent of price drops for the public to enjoy throughout the festive season and beyond?

Well what can I say? Even Loretta managed to mould her face into what seemed like a painful looking smile, but apparently she was happy and just as impressed as I am!

So after the techno wizards worked their magic, we’ve been able to bring you a bumper Christmas present with 26 wallet-saving price drops. OK, so I know what you’re thinking; an advent is usually 24 presents, not 26… but we thought why stop at 24? That wouldn’t be in the spirit of giving would it?

Now if you’re like a few of us in the office, you’ll struggle to open just one window on your chocolate advent calendar each day, wanting to devour it all in one go instead. You needn’t worry about that with Cherry Call though because our price drops are coming all at once – great news if you’ve got friends and family in several different countries! What’s more, these super-duper price drops apply to our instant access numbers, meaning you can start making calls from as little as 1p per min* straight away! There’s no sign up, no top up, just cheap calls!

Here’s a list of our Christmas price drops, delivered straight to your phone, no chimney necessary!

Algeria – now only… 4p/min!
Anguilla Mobile – now only… 15p/min!
Benin – now only… 13p/min!
Benin Mobile – now only… 13p/min!
Botswana – now only… 4p/min!
Burundi – now only… 30p/min!
Congo Mobile – now only… 30p/min!
Germany – now only… 1p/min!
Gibraltar – now only… 3p/min!
Guinea Mobile – now only… 30p/min!
Ireland Mobile – now only… 3p/min!
Israel – now only… 1p/min!
Lesotho Mobile – now only… 15p/min!
Mauritius – now only… 7p/min!
Monaco Mobile – now only… 20p/min!
Montenegro – now only… 8p/min!
North Cyprus Mobile – now only… 9p/min!
Rodrigues – now only… 7p/min!
Romania – now only… 1p/min!
Rwanda Mobile – now only… 20p/min!
Samoa American – now only… 3p/min!
Somalia – now only… 35p/min!
South Africa – now only… 2p/min!
South Africa Mobile – now only… 2p/min!
Uzbekistan – now only… 4p/min!
Yemen Mobile – now only… 10p/min!

Don’t forget, this is just a small selection of the fantastic offers we provide, so if you’d like to call your best friend in Germany or your brother who’s working in Romania to wish them a Merry Christmas and tell them all about your exciting presents, you can do so for just 1p per minute*!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from all of us at Cherry Call Towers

*Plus your network’s Access Charge.

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