150 price cuts in a single month? Give that man a Nobel Prize!

Never let it be said that James R is somebody who cocks a snook (whatever a snook is!) at the scientific community.

Far from it.

Cutting-edge technology is at the very heart of everything we do here at Cherry Call. You can’t provide shockingly cheap calls to every corner of the globe without bringing the latest scientific breakthroughs into the fold as soon as poss.

But, having said all that, I read today that a trio of professorial pointy-heads has been given the Nobel Prize for inventing a blue LED light.

Now, I’m sure it’s very nice to have a blue LED in your car’s dashboard rather than a red one. I’m certain a blue LED gives a certain je ne sais quoi to the fairy lights on your Christmas tree. (Loretta, check French spelling please before this goes out. And remove this bit, obviously.)

And doubtless, a blue LED makes your HiFi look more expensive than a boring-old green one, when you switch it on.

But is it really worth lobbing a Nobel prize at this twinkling novelty? The most esteemed, coveted and longed-for badge of honour a scientist can hope for?

Not in my book.

Especially when you’ve got genuine geniuses working away for the common good, unheralded and unrecognized in the wider world.

I refer, of course, to our very own Mr Yashimoto, the head boffin here at Cherry Call.

When it comes to cutting the cost of international phone calls, month in, month out, there is simply nobody who can touch him. Nobody in international telecoms who is worthy to touch the hem of his slightly oversized white labcoat.

And this month he has achieved what many in our business might consider The Impossible.

He has somehow managed to reduce the cost of international calls to over 150 destinations! Let me write that again: over 150 destinations! In just one month!

It doesn’t get any less shocking no matter how many times you say it, does it? You can find the bang-up-to-date per minute price details for all these destinations by clicking here to go to the main Cherry Call Website.

Not only that, but 19 of these new cuts take the per-minute calling cost under a penny. You can now call (using Cherry Call, of course) all the following places for only half a pence a min:



China Mobile


French Guiana


Hong Kong Mobile



New Zealand



Puerto Rico



South Korea



USA Mobile

If that little lot isn’t worthy of a Nobel Prize for Services to International Chatting, Yakking and All-round 24/7 Bonhomie, I really don’t know what is.

“So I assume you’ll be giving Mr Yashimoto a rise, then, Robin?”

(That’s Loretta, my flame-haired, so-called PA piping up uncalled-for, as usual.)

“Well, will you?”

Oh, goodness me, is that the time, Loretta? Must rush to my meeting at the dry cleaners…

Robin James  

Managing Director

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