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Vote Cherry! Introducing my Manifesto for Mobiles.

I don’t know about you, dear reader but, quite frankly, I’m starting to get a bit sick of hearing Dave, Nick, Ed, Nige and Nicola blathering on about how they’re offering the best package for Working People in the UK. Is it me or has the election campaign started to resemble a playground squabble between […]

Cherry Call Newsletter Feb 2015

I’ll miss Cherry Towers, it’s true, but it’s onwards and upwards for Britain’s leading provider of cheap international calls… Those of you who regularly find a few moments to read my monthly excursions into print – or pixels I suppose, these days – will know that I am not one to fall back on the […]

Cherry Call Newsletter January 2015

A Christmas New Year gift for all our customers Sorry it’s a bit late and all that. But when one is running an international mega-corporation dedicated to finding more and cheaper ways for our customers to phone overseas, stuff like Christmas and bank holidays and Easter just get forgotten about, I’m afraid. It’s just how […]