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Calls Cheaper Than Loretta’s Fake Tan

Whilst I was sitting at my desk the other day, thinking up new ways to save the good folk of Great Britain money on their international calls, I was interrupted by my somewhat loud-mouthed ‘know-it-all’ PA, Loretta. ‘Robin. Stop daydreaming, that bloke from Greece is back on, they’re saying our whole economy is going to […]

Deals so hot, you’ll think it’s Summer!

Well it’s another great day lowering call charges here at Cherry Towers, that is until Loretta came walking in this morning… Clad in huge blacked-out glasses, a summer dress and some sort of straw hat that looked like it belonged in a horse’s hay net. You’d think it was summer! Well, I suppose it is. […]

More price cuts than the NHS – Cherry Call

In the news this week we’ve had Mr Cameron telling us about his vision for the NHS and how, under the current system, you better injure yourself before the weekend if you wish to be treated adequately. Apparently, this isn’t limited to our world-renowned National Health Service either – throughout the world people careless enough […]

Vote Cherry! Introducing my Manifesto for Mobiles.

I don’t know about you, dear reader but, quite frankly, I’m starting to get a bit sick of hearing Dave, Nick, Ed, Nige and Nicola blathering on about how they’re offering the best package for Working People in the UK. Is it me or has the election campaign started to resemble a playground squabble between […]