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3D Hair Printing and Super Sweet Price Drops

Hello Cherry Callers! It’s October and we’ve officially entered Autumn! Wondering where the past 10 months have gone is a common bewilderment in the office at the moment. It didn’t take Loretta long to adorn herself in her winter woolies either; her excuse being that she wasn’t going to get a cold in the first […]

81 Price Drops to Celebrate the 67 Medals at the Rio Olympics!

Greetings Cherry Callers! What an exciting 2 weeks we’ve had! I must admit, I’ve never seen Loretta so excited about exercise. Having watched the Olympics, the lovely lass now wants to embark on a show jumping career, take up running, cycling and taekwondo, join her local rowing club and renew her gym membership so she […]

Loretta’s Unbiased View on the EU Referendum

Hello Cherry Callers! It’s all blue skies, warm breezes, turquoise (well, almost) waters and annoying seagulls here outside the Cherry Call HQ windows. It finally feels like the weather is on our side! Talking of weather, this warm spell has got Loretta dreaming of flip-flops, poolside sun bathing and sangrias on a daily basis. All […]

They Said We Couldn’t do it… Another 22 Price Drops!

“Robin! I’ve got it!” “Got what, Loretta?” “An idea. You said we needed to think of more great ways to save the British public money on their international calls and I’ve got it!” “Go on then Loretta, let’s hear your idea” I said begrudgingly. “Why don’t we keep offering the great rates we have been, […]

Midweek Madness – 90 Price Drops!

Hello fellow Cherry Callers – welcome to another instalment of Cherry news! We’ve got a corker for you this month, a total of 90, yes you read that right, 90 price drops, but more on that later! First, I’d like to tell you a little story… A true advocate of indulgence at Christmas time (or […]