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Save Money on 154 Destinations!

Hello dear reader and welcome to the second Autumnal newsletter of 2015! Lots of exciting things are happening this month – as Loretta informed me with a mixture of impatience and sadness this morning, the 6th and final series of Downtown Abbey starts this Sunday and finally and arguably the most exciting thing of all, we’ve […]

All Hail Cherry Call (and the Queen)

Welcome dear Cherry Callers. How is it Autumn already? The past 8 months have flown by and I’m not even sure we can say we’ve had a summer… I’m hoping we’re in store for an Indian summer though, so all is not lost! Talking of time flying by, has anyone else noticed supermarket shelves already […]

The budget that works for everyone!

Attention Cherry Callers, we’re back again with another instalment of Cherry Call News and once again we’ve got a cracker for you! There’s been a lot of hype around George Osbourne and his magic red suitcase over the past few weeks and many families have been worried about how they may feel the pinch of […]

Calls Cheaper Than Loretta’s Fake Tan

Whilst I was sitting at my desk the other day, thinking up new ways to save the good folk of Great Britain money on their international calls, I was interrupted by my somewhat loud-mouthed ‘know-it-all’ PA, Loretta. ‘Robin. Stop daydreaming, that bloke from Greece is back on, they’re saying our whole economy is going to […]