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Tips for Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad

Travel was once quite complicated. Once you touched down in the UK, it wasn’t just the language barrier that gave you pause. You also had to worry about your communication options. You were often forced to rely on the kindness of strangers. And if they failed you, then you had to hope that a payphone […]

Why Pay For Your International Calls?

Hello Cherry Callers, we’re writing to bring you some good news! Here at Cherry Towers we’ve been hard at work improving our international calls service. We’re now able to offer free international calls to over 100 different destinations across the globe! Yes, you read that correctly.. FREE! Can you make free international calls? These days […]

Happy New Year from Cherry Towers!

As we enter another year here at Cherry Towers, we are committed more than ever to bring you, our loyal Cherry Callers the lowest possible rates for your international calls. We love helping our customers connect with their loved ones and we believe that this isn’t something that anyone should have to pay over the […]

The Latest from Cherry Towers – 147 Price Drops!

As I stepped into Cherry Towers this fine morning, I noticed something more than the gleaming sun and bright blue skies from the windows – the silence. Looks like Loretta has the day off today – or is she on holiday in Egypt? At least I know that I could call her for just 7p […]