Cheap Calls to Uzbekistan

Cheap Calls to Uzbekistan

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Our rate for calling Uzbekistan:

  • Calls to a landline: 6p/min
  • Calls to a mobile: 12p/min

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Calls are charged per minute with a 5p connection fee.

Local Access: 0161 328 7777

0800 Access: 0800 021 9777 (Adds an extra 1p/min to shown rate when called from a landline & 3p/min from a mobile)

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Uzbekistani Phone Codes

Area NameArea Code
Andijan00998 + 74
Bukhara00998 + 65
Djizak00998 + 72
Fergana00998 + 73
Karakalpakstan00998 + 61
Kashkadaria00998 + 75
Khorezm00998 + 62
Mobiles and Pagers00998 + 90-93,97,98
Namangan00998 + 69
Navoi00998 + 79
Samarkand00998 + 66
Sirdaria00998 + 67
Surkhandaria00998 + 76
Tashkent00998 + 71

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