Cheap Calls to Iraq

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Cheap Calls to Iraq

Call Iraq from your landline for 9.0p a minute

Save £66.60 every hour compared to calling with BT!!

  • Make the cheapest calls to Iraq from any landline, or mobile
  • Only 9.0p a minute to call Iraq – any time of the day or night
  • Save 111.0p a minute compared to BT
  • No registration, and no silly small print – just dial and save!

Calls are charged at the indicated price from a BT residential line. BT apply a 13.87p call set-up fee for each call made. Other network operators charges may vary.

  • Calls to Landlines: 0872 561 4444 – 9.0p/min
  • Calls to Mobiles: 0913 304 4444 – 13.3p/min

To Cherry Call Iraq: Dial 0872 561 4444 + 00964 + local number

A Cherry Call to Iraq costs you just 9.0p a minute – any time, any day. A saving of 111.0p a minute compared to BT.

Instead of just dialing the overseas number, call 0872 561 4444 first. Once connected you’ll hear a dial tone, now dial the full Iraq phone number you wish to reach, starting with 00964 as usual.

For example, if you want to phone Baghdad, first you need to dial 0872 561 4444 followed by 00964 and the local phone number. When you’ve finished talking just put the phone down in the normal way.

You save 111.0p a minute compared to calling Iraq with BT

When you get your bill, the number for the Iraq call appears as 0872 561 4444. But the main thing is, rather than it costing you 120.00p a minute as it would with BT, it’ll cost only 9.0p..

Cheap calls to Iraq mobile too!

Call Iraq mobiles for just 13.3p per minute. Just dial 0913 304 4444 followed by 00964 + the Iraq mobile number. Calls to 0913 304 4444 are charged at 13.3p per minute at all times from a landline. Calls from mobile networks may vary.

No sign-up or registration required

You don’t need to register for Cherry Call, and there are no passwords, codes or PINs to remember. Just make a note of the number: 0872 561 4444 and use it whenever you make an international call to Iraq.

Do you have a web site? Want to tell your visitors about cheap calls to Iraq?

It’s so easy! Simply include this HTML code in your web page:

<p>Call Iraq and more for <strong>the price of a normal UK phone call!</strong> <a href="">Cheap calls to Iraq and more, click here to find out how!</a></p>

This is how the code will look:

Call Iraq and more for the price of a normal UK phone call! Cheap calls to Iraq and more, click here to find out how!

Iraq Phone Codes

Area NameArea Code
Amara00964 + 43
Baghdad00964 + 1
Baquba00964 + 25
Basrah00964 + 40
Diwaniya00964 + 36
Duhok00964 + 62
Erbil00964 + 66
Hilla00964 + 30
Kerbala00964 + 32
Kut00964 + 23
Mobile00964 + 7801-7804
Nainawa00964 + 60
Nasiriya00964 + 33
Nasiriya00964 + 42
Ramadi00964 + 24
Samawa00964 + 37
Sulaimaniya00964 + 53
Tkrit00964 + 21