Cheap International Calls to Europe

Cheap calls to Europe including Greece for 2p/min, Spain for 1p/min and Turkey for 4p/min.

Steep roaming charges and expensive mobile phone contracts can make calling foreign countries expensive, even if you are only just across the English Channel. Let Cherry Call help you make communication easier and cheaper, with our comprehensive prices for cheap calls to Europe.

What’s more, Cherry Call works on both your mobile phone and on your landline, and there are absolutely no hidden costs. All you have to pay is your phone provider’s access charge and the Cherry Call rate. We help you make these savings by routing calls through our internet network, rather than any expensive phone provider’s network, so you don’t have to worry about mammoth charges when you call our neighbours in Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France or Germany. You can call each country from just 1p per minute!

If you’re heading off on a trip to the Mediterranean, you can enjoy calls to Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy and Spain, also all from just 1p per minute. That’s half an hour’s quality catch up time for just 30p, from a mobile or a landline! You can even call Vatican City for only a penny a minute…

To call Andorra, Estonia and San Marino, the charge is 2p per minute. That’s £1.20 for an hour, or 60p for half an hour. Calls to the UK are also only 2p per minute!

Calls to Turkey, North Cyprus, Gibraltar and Finland cost 3p per minute. You could talk to friends or family in any of those countries for an entire hour and only pay £1.80 for the conversation! If you’d like to call Finland’s Scandinavian neighbours, Sweden or Denmark, the cost is back to just a penny per minute – the same as calls to Portugal, Hungary, Iceland and the Netherlands.

Cherry Call’s most expensive European charge applies to Monaco, Lichtenstein and the Faroe Islands at 4p per minute. But that’s still only £1.20 for a half-hour chat!

Don’t let expensive international calls put you off phoning friends. Use Cherry Call for cheap, international calls to Europe that are worth every penny.