Cheap Calls to the Caribbean

Make Cheap international calls to the Caribbean including Barbados for 15p/min, Jamaica for 20p/min and Grenada for 13p/min.

With some of the most idyllic holiday destinations in the world, islands in the Caribbean are famed for their beauty. Whether it’s the beautiful stretches of white, sandy beaches in Barbados, the lush rainforests of St Lucia, the fragrance of spices from Grenada, the pulsing reggae from Jamaica, or the adrenaline of the sailing festival in Antigua, there’s something for everyone on these magical shores.

There are so many reasons to pick up the phone to the Caribbean, whether it’s to make an enquiry with a resort, take the plunge by booking your next vacation or just to check in with friends lucky enough to be out there on holiday and experience the fun vicariously through them. Whatever your reason, don’t let expensive international calling rates stop you from picking up the phone. With cheap calls to the Caribbean from as low as 1p per minute with Cherry Call, you don’t have to miss out.

Besides the allure of sun, sand and sea, many of us have important connections to the Caribbean. In the post-war era, thousands of West Indians from the Caribbean migrated to the UK, looking for work and a better life. Today hundreds of thousands of Britons today have roots from the islands, and close family that still live out there. With lots of grandparents, aunties and cousins in the Caribbean, Cherry Call enables you to keep in touch with loved ones, without spending a fortune on international calls. Never miss out on the latest news from the family whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or you just want to catch up on the latest village gossip. With cheap international calls from Cherry Call, you can chat away without worrying about racking up a high phone bill.

The freedom of cheap international calls to so many countries in the Caribbean makes it easier to keep in touch with everyone you know in the islands. Check out our prices to the different islands today, send an SMS to get your access code and then start enjoying cheap international calls to the Caribbean!