World No Tobacco Day

No smokingEvery year, every UN member state (of which there are a grand total of 193!) celebrates World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) on 31st May. Aimed at increasing global awareness of the potential health risks associated with tobacco use, WNTD promotes a 24 hour abstinence from tobacco to help smokers quit the habit and avoid becoming one of the 6 million people who die each year from using tobacco.

No more fancy colours

Long gone are the days when cigarettes were actively endorsed by doctors; cigarette packets already contain horrifying warnings, and things are set to become even more extreme. In February 2016 the World Health Organisation called for countries to prepare for standardised plain packaging to be introduced in a further attempt to reduce the attractiveness of cigarettes and eradicate their popularity.

The new packaging is predicted to contain no logos, colours, brand images or promotional information, and instead will be dominated by graphic health warnings with the brand and product name in a standard colour and font.

Breath of fresh air

Did you know that each year 600,000 people die from second hand smoke? If everyone quit smoking for 24 hours during WNTD we’d all be able to fill our bodies with crisp smoke-free lung nectar for the day!
If you’d like to help create a smoke-free environment for our children to grow up in, why not quit smoking or spread the word to your friends and family.

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