World Consumer Rights Day

Happy World Consumer Rights Day! Each year 15th March marks the introduction of consumer rights. In 1962, John F Kennedy formally addressed the issue of consumer rights to the US Congress, clearly outlining the definition of the term for his vision of aiding the ‘largest economic group’, making him the first world leader to combat the issue and paving the way for the rest of the world to follow suit.

Do you know your 8 Consumer Rights?

Despite this monumental event taking place more than 50 years ago, consumer rights are often misunderstood or simply unknown. They currently include a set of 8 basic rights:

  • The right to satisfaction of basic needs
  • The right to safety
  • The right to be informed
  • The right to choose
  • The right to be heard
  • The right to redness
  • The right to consumer education
  • The right to a healthy environment

These simple rules allow consumers to enjoy a healthy and safe shopping experience, which is fair, unbiased and enjoyable. World Consumer Rights Day aims to increase awareness of these simple rules so that you, the consumer, can continue to enjoy your shopping experience as well as being suitably equipped when it comes to avoiding injustices and business malpractice.

Are you clued up on consumerism?

World Consumer Rights Day creates initiatives including campaigns, press conferences, workshops, public exhibitions, street events and new publications that can be used by consumer groups around the world to educate local residents of their protected consumer rights and benefits.

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