Top 10 Destinations to Visit in the World

1. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is over flowing with markets, gardens, palaces and mosques. Spend your days exploring the courtyards and alleyways of the historic city.

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia

The ancient structures that are contained in Siem Reap’s religious complex are truly breath taking. The complex itself is full of 12th century architecture and are considered the main reason to visit Siem Reap.

3. Hanoi, Vietnam

This charming Vietnamese capital has aged well, preserving with it memorable buildings. The city is filled with lakes, parks and more than 600 temples to explore.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the perfect destination vacationers who want to immerse themselves in culture and history. Prague has the best bars and restaurants found in cellars where historic pubs set the scene for a good night.


5. Rome, Italy

You will need much more than a day to visit this timeless city; the city is full of pizzas, open markets and incredible historic cities. Enjoy some of the most amazing meals that you will never forget.

6. Paris, France

As you walk down the sidewalks in Paris the smell of pain au chocolat and coffee fills the air. The city shows the famous wonders of the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

7. Cape Town Central, South Africa

Cape Town is located in the south of the African continent; Cape Town holds the beautiful sites of Blaauwberg Beach and Kirstenbosch Gardens. There is also a nature reserve nearby which provides sweeping sea visits and hiking trails.

8. Bangkok, Thailand

If you do get to go to Bangkok be prepared because you wont see a city like it. With the beautiful architecture it is home to the Wat temple, which holds the sculpture of the Reclining Buddha.

9. Athens, Greece

Athens has become a reformed city from spotless parks, streets, new freeways and accessible airports making it feel like a new town. Destinations include the many pillars of western history, from the acropolis to the temple of Zeus.

10. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai was built to design the greatest form of relaxation. This destination is home to the world’s largest fountain, the world’s tallest building and the only 7-star hotel in the world.


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