Are ‘Thought’ Calls the Technology of the Future?

If you thought that communication of the future could never include transmitting ‘thoughts’ then think again. Scientists have recently worked out how thoughts can be sent between two people across continents, even though they’re thousands of miles away.

The technology which could potentially make long distance phone calls a thing of the past, works by electronically interacting with the brain, to send thoughts through a computer which transforms the thought into binary code. An experiment by US researchers at Harvard University, used electronic head gear to take an EEG (electroencephalogram) of the senders brainwaves. These were then emailed from India to France, and transmitted to three recipients by using flashing lights in their peripheral vision.

Although the messages were extremely simple; thinking and transmitting the words ‘hola’ and ‘ciao,’ for instance, the development represents an exciting and significant first step in the development of technology able to read and send thoughts.

Although it hardly seems possible, ultimately, scientists believe we could be chatting away on the phone without speaking a word by as soon as 2030. So although those with truly telepathic powers have nothing to fear for the moment, the rest of us however, can look forward to the day when just thinking about what we want to ‘say’ is enough. What scientists have yet to explain however, is what happens to all those thoughts we’d rather not share. Telepathically talking to the boss is one thing, but what about if they knew what we truly thought?

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