Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Spain

Today’s blog focuses on the nation of Spain. Spain is a large nation in the South West of the EU that sits above the Mediterranean Sea. Below we have some lesser-known facts about this famous nation.

  1. Ratoncito Perez.

Ratoncito Perez is the Spanish culture equivalent of the Tooth Fairy legend. When a child loses a tooth, Ratincito Perez collects the discarded tooth and exchanges it for a gift of some sort. Spanish author Luis Coloma originally developed the story for Alfonso XIII when the prince lost a tooth.

  1. The Origin of the Name.

The origin of the name Spain is a contested topic. Originally the name España was derived from the Roman word Hispania. One of our personal favourite explanations is that the name is a derivation of I-Shpania meaning “the land of rabbits”. Other explanations include phrases and words such as “Western Land” or “Border”.

  1. Spain’s Banana Production.

Spain produces the most Bananas in Europe. Despite strong competition from foreign imports, 9 out of 10 Spanish consumers say they prefer Spanish bananas. The market however is fragile, in 2010 banana prices were at such a low level 12,400 tonnes had to be removed from the market.

  1. Olive Oil

Spain produces almost half of the olive oil supply for the entire world. The original olive trees originated primarily in Greece and other areas around the Mediterranean. The practice of making olive oil began in 4500BC in an area that is now Israel.

Of all the oil Spain produces, over 75% comes from one region, Andalucía. Other notable oil producing countries are Italy and Australia.

Olive Oil prices are set to rise owing to a recent drought in Spain.

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