St Patrick’s Day

Ahh Saint Patrick’s Day, silly hats, bright green clothes and a pint, or two (or three) of Guinness – do we have a more stereotypical celebration?


Green, green and more green!

St. Paddy’s Day as it’s affectionately known, falls every year on the 17th March and is not only a cause for great celebration in Ireland, but also throughout the world. In fact, every year Chicago colours its river with green vegetable dye to honour St Patrick’s Day and an astonishing 400,000 Irish celebrators join in with the festivities!

Whilst this day has its roots firmly placed in religious meaning and of course the famous Saint Patrick himself, the celebrations have taken on more of a cultural feel over theSt Patricks day

years. With flamboyant celebrations taking part in pubs, streets and homes across Ireland, the UK, America, Canada, Australia to name but a few, St. Patrick’s Day really is one full of an appreciation of Irish culture as well as fun, laughter, friends and family… and Guinness!

Celebrating Ireland’s awesomeness!

There’s even a St. Patrick’s Day Festival which was established by the Irish government back in 1995. Now in its 21st year, this festival aims to ‘create energy and excitement throughout Ireland via innovation, creativity, grassroots involvement’, as well as to internationally encourage ‘an accurate image of Ireland as a creative, professional and sophisticated country with wide appeal’.

So, these days it would seem that this special day is more focussed on transforming the perception of St. Patrick’s Day both at home and further afield. Ireland is full of creativity, vibrancy, exciting ideas and zest, and it is this that modern day St. Patrick’s Day wishes to encompass and celebrate.

For more information on the St. Patrick’s Day Festival which runs from 17th to 20th March this year, visit

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