Spookily Cheap Calls this Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, but there’s no tricks here at Cherry Call, just a whole heap of treats for our customers to enjoy!

Whether you’re planning a freakish feast for all your friends or a trick or treat trip for your little tots, Halloween is always a great excuse for dressing up, turning your home into a house of horrors and your outside space into a ghoulish garden! It’s also the perfect opportunity to call your friends and family and share stories, reminisce about the old times and plan your next adventures!

Frighteningly good deals… but there’s nothing to be scared of here

When it comes to making cheap international calls, we’ve got it covered. With calls starting from as little as 1p per min, you’re able to phone your best friend in Canada, your brother in Spain and your cousin in Slovakia to discuss your Halloween plans for a lot less than you might expect!

“Boo! It’s me!”Halloween

Once you’ve donned your scary outfit, you won’t have to traipse to the top of the hill, stand on one leg and recite the alphabet backwards to make a last minute cheap call to tell your mum all about her grandchildren’s spooky outfits, oh no. We like to make things as simple as possible, that’s why we’ve given you 4 super simple options to make your international calls. Simply click here to find the international dialling code for your intended destination, follow the easy instructions and hey presto! You’ll be talking in no time!

Happy calling, folks!

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