Save money on your mobile phone

Let’s face it, your mobile phone is your life line. You use it to text, call and surf the internet. We could probably hazard a guess and say you use it mostly for Facebook. Its ok, we all do. Nowadays, mobile phones are the quick and easiest way to contact people, especially if we need to arrange something quickly. It keeps us in contact with friends, family and colleagues so it is only natural that it has become an extension to our lives. However, they can often be an expensive luxury.

We here at Cherry Calls understand how vital it is to keep in touch with everyone but at the same time, being able to afford it, so we’ve compiled a short list of how you can save money on your mobile;

-Get the best deal

If you are nearing the end of your contract, giving your provider a call to ask them about the best deals is always a way to save money. Most providers don’t want to lose a customer, so they will do their best to ensure that you stay with them, which means giving you a cheap deal. It’s nice to feel wanted isn’t it?

-Avoid using it abroad

Roaming charges can be quite a sting. We know that you want to upload those pictures of you visiting the Statue of Liberty, but using the internet abroad can often be quite expensive. Most data roaming charges start at £7.05 and can eventually cost more than the holiday itself.

– Shun mobile phone insurance

Mobile phone insurance can often be complicated to claim on and policies can often be more expensive than replacing the phone. Most standard handsets can be replaced for £40. If you have lost or damaged you phone, make sure you contact your provider to avoid someone else using your phone and running up a huge bill.

So, following these tips might help you reduce the cost of your mobile phone bill. To help avoid ringing up expensive calls home when you’re abroad, we offer deals on international call cards and tariffs. The last thing we’d want for you is to come home to an expensive phone bill.

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