The Return of the Mighty 3310

What could survive an apocalypse, has a place in our hearts and paved the way for mobile gaming with a block-eating snake? The mighty Nokia 3310, of course!

Paving the way, one brick at a time

Having been withdrawn from the market in 2005, the iconic design of our favourite pocket phone has been relaunched this year, 17 years after its debut. The Nokia 3310 was the first mass-market mobile phone and was one of the best selling phones of all time, having sold a whopping 126 million between 2000 and 2005.

Sadly, looking somewhat heavy and bulky, its fate was sealed when it gained the memorable nickname ‘brick’. By the end of 2003 the 3310 was slowly falling out of favour and began to look a little plump next to its svelte competitors, such as the Razr from Motorola. It’s said that there are still original Nokia 3310’s in use today – a testament to their indestructible, ergonomic and simple design!

It’s vintage, retro chic… and a little bit simple

As Nokia no longer make mobile phones, the updated 3310 will be sold under licence by the Finnish start-up, HMD Global. Because the internet features are limited, it comes as no surprise that this is not a smartphone, but a ‘feature phone’. Weighing 79.6g with a 2.4in modern colour screen and a two megapixel camera, the 3310 is powered by the S30+ operating system which means whilst you can enjoy web browsing, you should expect a significantly smaller range of apps than that of Android or iOS devices.

There’s more good news because hardcore fans will be pleased to know that Snake lives on in the new 3310! Plus, users can enjoy the perks of 22 hours of talk time and up to a month’s standby time. It would seem the nation’s sweetheart mobile phone could be the perfect device for adventurers or those who are without power for long periods of time, or even those who are looking to escape the high tech nature of modern life and retreat to a simpler existence.

Back in the day you would have either bought a new PAYG Nokia 3310 for £129.99, or you’d have taken out a contract which would have set you back £29.99 a month. Today, the launch price of HMD’s version will take you back a modest £41.51.

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Happy calling!

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