Pi Day

 Every year, 14th March (or 3/14 to our American friends) has signified Pi Day, a celebration of mathematical constant π (or pi). Used to calculate the diameter, radius or circumference of a circle, pi is not only a constant, but also an infinite number (there is no theoretical end to its number, nor are there any patterns that emerge) that is usually rounded to 3.14 or 3.14159.Pi Day

 What did the Ancient Greeks ever do for us?

 Archimedes of Syracuse, born in 287BC in Ancient Greece is widely considered to be the first person to accurately calculate the value of pi, although the Babylonians (1894BC to 539BC) got pretty close with an estimation of 3.125!

 Although Pi Day originated in America, it is now observed around the world with followers participating in fun activities including pie eating memory exorcises (mostly pi related) and of course taking part in discussions around pi itself.

 Whilst many of us don’t use pi in our every day lives, without pi it would be impossible to accurately design anything that utilises a circle to scale, so we owe a lot to this magical number. Join us in doffing your cap to the frivolous commemoration of the internationally ubiquitous mathematical constant – ours is an apple pie, thanks.

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 Happy Pi Day!

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