Persian New Year 2015

Persian New Year also known as Nowruz marks the first day of spring in the Persian Calendar. Nowruz is celebrated all over the world from the ethnic diverse communities such as Iran, Russia, Afghanistan and Turkey. Here are a few facts about the New Year celebrations:

  • Persian New Year symbolises new life, rebirth, new begging’s and renewal. The celebration has religious roots in Zoroastrianism, and has been observed by countries for thousands of years.
  • One of the important traditions is called the Seven S’s, these are items that are placed on a table which symbolises spiritual virtues. It is custom that the Seven S’s consist of:
    • Sib – apples for Beauty
    • Serkeh – vinegar for patience
    • Senjed – dried tree fruit for love
    • Somag – sumac berries for sunrise
    • Samanu – sweet wheat germ porridge for affluence
    • Sir – garlic for Health
    • Sabzeh – a dish of sprouted wheat barley for rebirth
  • The colours that are represented on the Persian New Year are red, white and green, which also represent the colours of the flag of Iran.
  • A figurine call Hajji Firuz is placed in people’s homes, Hajji is a singing, dancing figure that plays the trumpet and tambourine. His face is painted black and he wears red clothing. It is said that he will bring happiness, blessing and abundance in the coming year.
  • Another ritual of the New Year is to hide somewhere and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. If you hear good news or positive conversation it is said to bring good fortune, just don’t get caught!

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