Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

That’s right folks, everyone’s favourite day is almost upon us! Tuesday 9th February 2016 is Shrove Tuesday, the last day before lent, which is traditionally celebrated in many countries by feasting upon pancakes!

Pancake Day

 Pancake Day is a moveable holiday, as it always occurs on the 7th Tuesday before Easter, which symbolises the end of lent. Whilst for many of us the tradition meaning behind the national day has somewhat been lost, it’s still a great excuse to eat pancakes… and lots of them!

Indulgence for the health conscious

 Many of us have tried and tested deliciously indulgent pancake recipes which have been passed down from generations or simply picked up recently from our favourite cookbooks or TV programmes. With lashings of cream, generous glugs of Grand Marnier and spoonfuls of sweet sugar, pancake day is certainly is a decadent holiday.

 But fear not, there’s a healthier option out there for vegans and calorie-watchers! A quick online search for ‘Vegan Banana Pancakes’ will bring up a host of easy recipes that are both delicious and almost fat free (save for the oil in your pan). If you’re in the process of building muscle, just omit the ‘vegan’ in your search and the recipes will include egg – making these pancakes a perfect energy-packed breakfast for early-morning gym goers!

 Top it all off

 Once you’ve cooked up a storm and created your pancake masterpieces, what do you use for a topping? Do you keep it simple with lemon and sugar, add a creative and delectable design with chocolate and banana, go for something a little different with maple syrup or create a very adult topping with your favourite liqueur? The choice is yours, all we ask is that you enjoy Pancake Day just as much as we’re going to!

 Happy Pancake Day!

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