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4 Things You Must Do in Washington DC!

Despite being America’s capital city, Washington DC’s architecture has a distinctly Euro-pean feel – perhaps unsurprisingly when you learn it was actually designed by a Parisian! The bustling heart of America, Washington DC, or ‘the District’, is where America’s leaders gather to create a better USA. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of […]

19 Mesmerising Facts About Moscow

Like to know a little more about the capital cities of the world? Take a look at these 19 facts about Moscow! Geographical stats… 1. Moscow is the capital city of Russia. 2. Wondering how to say the name of this wonderful city? It’s pronounced Moss-coe. 3. The total land area of Moscow is 969 […]

Singles Awareness Day 2017

We all know that February 14th is Valentine’s Day, an occasion to tell your loved one or unassuming crush just how much you love them, but what about the singletons who are yet to find their one true love? All hail Singles Awareness Day! Once the loved up couples have showered each other in gifts, […]

Think You Know about Valentine’s Day?

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The perfect day of happiness, joy and expressing your love for that special someone – even if in secret (in a non-stalkerish way, of course!). Despite being celebrated as a significant cultural holiday in many countries throughout the world, Valentine’s Day isn’t actually a public holiday in any country, and we think […]

Call Abroad for FREE!

By now we’re sure you’re well aware that Cherry Call is the go-to place for super cheap international calls, often saving you £60 (or more!) per hour compared to calling direct through BT, but what if we told you we could offer you the same great international calls for FREE? Yes, you read that right […]