*NEW* Exclusive Call Service to Space

It’s a well-known fact that we’re leaders of super-low call rates to hundreds of locations around the world. If there’s a far-flung country that you want to call, no doubt we provide a crisp line to connect you and your contact without our competitors’ extortionate per minute charges. But have you heard about our new and exclusive venture that will keep you connected well into the future?Space

 Keeping you connected now and always

For the past year we’ve been working super hard on an exciting new project. We have been collaborating with the world’s smartest scientists and engineers to bring you the most sophisticated communication package you’ve ever seen. Having finalised the plans and tweaked a few features, we are very excited to bring you this breaking news right here.

With a little help from our Friends…

Thanks to our incredible contacts in the USA and Russia, we have been able to send our highly engineered Cherry Call ‘CCi16’ chip into the new International Space Station’s twin, the Universal Communication Station. Despite being in the very early stages of orbit, the UCS has been launched for 6 months and things have progressed relatively smoothly, with only a few orbital issues setting us back a few weeks.  

Now you can call literally anywhere!

This is the exciting part! The CCi16 has been designed to recognise and transmit calls around the universe, meaning you can now call various planets within 100 million light years of planet Earth. This new feature will be launched in line with the first trip to Mars.

Keep on savingEarth Day

The good news is that, in line with our penny-saving ethos, we will offer super-low prices on our ‘Space Destinations’ category:

Calls to Mars, from as little as £5 per minute

Calls to the Moon, from as little as £5.50 per minute  

As our technology and the demand for space communication increases we will also offer calls to Pluto, Saturn and Uranus etc. 

As always, it is our mission to keep everyone connected for as little as possible. For more information on our super low calls, visit cherry-call.co.uk

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