National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 2017

Turn down the heating, fix that leaking tap and switch off the telly, for Tuesday 10th January is National Cut Your Energy Costs day!

According to the Energy Saving Trust, turning appliances off standby mode could save you around £30 per year, whilst filling up a washing bowl rather than constantly running the tap during your washing up chores could save you nearly £50 per year! There’s more, too – turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree could save you between £80 and £85 per year, draft proofing can save between £25 and £35 per year and spending 1 minute less in the shower each day could save a family of 4 £80 per year!

Save some pounds, help the planet!Energy saving

We could all do with saving a few pennies, especially after Christmas, but using less energy can also have a positive impact on our planet, too! For instance, if everyone throughout the UK boiled only the water they needed to make a cup of tea instead of filling the kettle to the top, enough energy could be saved to run more than 65% of the nation’s street lights!

Posh nosh…

Whilst we can’t do much to help you save money on your energy bills, we can save you a bundle on your international calls! With Cherry Call you could save a whopping £1.20 per hour compared to BT, which added to your household energy savings could afford you a lovely trip away or even a slap-up meal at your favourite restaurant!

To find out more about saving money on your household energy bills, visit energy saving trust, and to save on your international call bills simply click here!

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