London science museum to display 200 years’ worth of communication technology

For the die-hard technology fan, here is your chance to gaze and admire, for free, the 200 year span of communication technology.

The gallery is to be opened on the 23rd October at the Science Museum in London. 800 items will be featured at the gallery, nicely titled ‘Making Modern Communications’. The exhibit will feature items and displays that will tell the story of the evolution of communication technology over 200 years. It will also include breakthrough moments in history that started to define communication technology such as the laying of the first transatlantic telephone cable through to the invention of the Apple Macintosh in 1984.

While featuring objects that would lay the foundations for future communication technology, the exhibit will also include interactive displays that will be featured alongside the 800 items on display.

The fund to create the exhibit was awarded to the museum by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Director of Science Museum Group, Ian Blatchford said that he was delighted they were awarded with the grant. “The project represents a step change for the Science Museum and the first step in the delivery of its Master Plan”.

The educational phases of the gallery will be included three sections; The Message, The Wall and The Networks. The Message will include ideas on communication with visitors being able to engage with the exhibits through mobiles and email. The Wall is to be a social experience for visitors where they can use the museums archives, images and videos to create a portfolio of information about objects, locations and ‘stories’. The Network is expected to be the focal point of the whole exhibit where visitors can see for themselves the technology that has defined communication.

Amongst these interesting galleries and interactive displays, a six-metre-high aerial inductance coil that was part of one of the most powerful radio transmitters in the world, the Rugby Radio Station will be included. It is a good opportunity for the kids to see where their mobile phones started!

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