Let’s Show Our Support this Purple Day!

Did you know that epilepsy affects around 1 in every 100 people? That’s roughly 50 million people worldwide, and around 50% of those cases have unknown causes. It is even alleged that Julius Caesar, Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie all suffered from epilepsy!Purple day

It’s a worldwide thing, you know!

 The brainchild of young epilepsy sufferer Cassidy Megan, Purple Day was created in 2008 to raise awareness of this prolific condition, dispel common myths and support anyone who has been diagnosed with epilepsy. Purple Day is celebrated every year on the 26th March and is now backed by organisations in 110 different countries, including Epilepsy Action, Epilepsy Society, Epilepsy Wales, Matthew’s Friends, Mersey Region Epilepsy Association, St. Elizabeth’s Centre and Young Epilepsy in the UK alone.

 Not only does epilepsy have a wide range of possible triggers, there is no known cure to completely eradicate the risk of episodes. However, there is good news! Each organisation is striving to further research into this debilitating condition and raise awareness to support sufferers; the great thing is that we can help, too!

 Get involved and have some fun…purple

 So what can you do to support Purple Day? From bike rides and coffee mornings to cake stalls and even a Prince themed evening complete with purple cocktails, there’s a whole range of fun and exciting activities to get involved in throughout the UK and beyond. Visit www.purpleday.org for all the details.

 Don’t forget, you can spread the Purple Day message worldwide with Cherry Call for a lot less than you might think. Simply follow the instructions on our website and you’ll be talking in no time!

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