Let’s Hear it for Australia – Happy ‘Down Under’ Day!

It may be a whopping 9,443 miles away, but we seem to have a long love affair with this awesomely sunny country. It has it all, from Koalas and Joeys, pure blue seas and golden sands to annual BBQ weather and infectious happy vibes, uber laid-back lifestyles and awesome water sports. It’s no wonder that this continent has its very own official day!

Hip hip hooray for Australia!Australia day

Wondering where it all started? The 26th January marks the anniversary of the arrival of the very first fleet of 11 convict ships which set sail way back in 1788 from Great Britain, and the erection of the Union Jack flag at Sydney Cove by the ship’s commander, Captain Arthur Phillip.

These days Australia Day aims to acknowledge and celebrate the achievement the country itself has accomplished since 1788. Australia has become a magnificent contemporary country with a diverse society, strong communities, eclectic culture, and an incredibly bright future and it is this which Australia Day centres around.

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