International No Diet Day 2016

We expect you’ve all been on a diet at some point in your lives. Whether it was many moons ago or more recently, it’s probably fair to say we’ve all been on a diet. One thing we’re pretty sure of is that we’ve all been conscious of how we look – we want to look our best, of course!

An unhealthy battleNo diet day

Did you know that some people struggle with their body image every single day? Can you imagine being on a diet for years, constantly battling with your weight. Sometimes the pressure to look ultra slim is so strong that people fall into the grips of eating disorders.

This, teamed with stories of young girls embarking on unhealthy diets and women turning to surgical procedures to help them lose weight is why an inspiring lady from the UK called Mary Evans created the British anti-diet campaign ‘Diet Breakers’ back in 1992. After a whirlwind media frenzy she announced on live TV, “Don’t forget to celebrate No Diet Day”, and ever since the world has acknowledged International No Diet Day (INDD) every May 6th.

A global celebration

These days, INDD is not only celebrated in the UK, but also in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Norway, Russia and South Africa, to name but a few. The goal is to spread the word that everyone is beautiful no matter what their shape or size – we are all different.  

INDD aims to bring about an awareness of the dangers of dieting, including emotional and mental risks, as well as ridding negative body image ideals from society. The result would be a world filled with confident men and women who are educated about the risks associated with diets and weight loss and embrace and encourage positive ideas about their bodies, without the fear of receiving negative publicity, encountering fat-phobia or weight discrimination… how great would that be!

Happy International No Diet Day 2016!

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