International Day of Happiness

Did you know that the first UN conference on Happiness took place in 2012? That’s right, the UN has been positively stirring for greater happiness throughout the world for the past 4 years! The International Day of Happiness is now witnessed in all 193 UN member states each year on 20th March, and aims to evoke a profound shift in attitude, with a view to increasing human happiness and wellbeing.

We all want to be happyHappy

It’s all very inspiring and heart warming really because people all around the world are beginning to recognise that ‘progress’ shouldn’t just be about financial profits or growing economies. Instead, they want people everywhere to experience greater happiness and an increased sense of wellbeing. In fact, Action for Happiness commissioned a YouGov poll which found that a massive 87% of UK adults would prefer increased ‘overall happiness and wellbeing’ within the society they live in, as opposed to a mere 8% striving ‘greatest overall wealth’.

Inject some happiness into your words and actions

The Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions”, and this is where the International Day of Happiness comes into play. The idea is that this Day inspires, motivates and encourages people all over the world to create more happiness in their every day lives. This could be anything from sprucing up your dull grey office by injecting bright, happy, vibrant colours or taking part in a spot of ‘yarn bombing’ to brighten up a boring lamp post to taking out half an hour from your day to keep an an elderly person company, giving out free hugs or even leaving ‘happy notes’ for people to find on the bus, train or in coffee shops.

Everyone can take partSmile

 Use your imagination to help you find ways to put smiles on the people’s faces around you and you will be helping to create a happier world in no time! Even if you’re housebound or recovering from an operation, you can still get involved – why not write a letter to your Aunt Maud who you haven’t spoke to for 6 months or phone your Dad in Spain to tell him how amazing he is? You can do that really cheaply with Cherry Call, too!

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