Hip Hip Hooray for World Environment Day!

Are you ready to support World Environment Day (WED) 2016 on Sunday 5th June?

Protecting our worldEnvironment

Having been established in 1974, these days WED is supported in over 100 countries by millions of people! WED is a global platform where people can get together and work towards creating positive impacts on our earth. Its aim is to bring about an awareness for the need to protect our environment for generations to come. 

Did you know?

Last year, WED saw a total of 2,861 registered activities with 1.26 million people participating worldwide!

‘Zero Tolerance for the Illegal Wildlife Trade’

Each year there’s a new theme and a new global host country where official celebrations take place. This year WED is focussing on the illegal trade in wildlife under their slogan ‘Go Wild for Life’ and the host is Angola.

WED says that we need to end the demand for illegal wildlife products and we can all do this together, no matter where we are in the world. If we pull together and create an awareness to push the governments and international bodies into enforcing tougher laws against illegal wildlife products, we’ll emerge with a stronger, more ethical world.

Strength in numbersEnvironment 2

The success of WED is based on a ‘strength in numbers’ ethos. The greater the number of people who get involved means the more coverage and support important environmental issues will receive.

To find out more, you can head over to the World Environment Day’s website.

You can also spread the word with Cherry Call. Call everyone you know, tell them about WED and help put an end to illegal wildlife products! Head to www.cherry-call.co.uk to see our prices starting from just 1p per min.

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