Help an Elderly Person Save Money – Unfair Line Rental Costs

It’s Monday morning and 82-year-old Doris heads out to her local Post Office to withdraw her weekly state pension. Doris know

s she must keep a close eye on her outgoings more than usual because she’s hoping to make a call to her sister in Australia in a few weeks. If Doris puts a few extra pounds away each month she might just be able to afford the cost of the call when her next line rental bill arrives.

Elderly people rely on traditional technology

There are a lot of Doris’ around; in 2015 the UK population was 65,110,000 and 17.8% of people were aged 65+. By 2025 this figure is set to increase to 20.2% and in 2045 it is estimated to rise to 24.6%.

With these figures in mind, 2.9 million households in the UK solely use a landline, and a whopping 71% are occupied by people 65 and above. If we look at this a little closer, 43% of the 2.9 million are aged 75 and over. As you can see, that’s a lot of lovely Doris’!

49% Line Rental Increase

Whilst many of us enjoy the benefits of modern day technology, namely social media and our smartphones, for elderly people these are not a favourable option. Those on mobile phone contracts have seen a decrease in their monthly bills; for example, t

he average cost of a mobile plan with 500 minutes, 200 texts and 5GB of data fell from £57 in 2012 to £40 in 2016.

Unfortunately, Doris and her contemporaries have seen as much as a 49% increase in their landline rental prices between December 2009 and December 2016. For someone who relies on her landline, its a price Doris feels she must pay in order to stay connected to her family and friends, and of course the emergency services.

Good news for Doris

The good news is that Ofcom has acknowledged the problem and has revealed plans to make BT (who have a monopoly on 80% of the UK market) cut their line rental costs by £5. It might not sound much, but there’s more you can do which will see you save even more with every call.

Help your elderly relatives save even more with Cherry Call

Do you have an elderly friend or relative? You can help them save money on their international calls with Cherry Call’s simple and effective, low cost international call service. Cherry Call is a friendly UK based company who provides clear, crisp calls to countries all over the world. All you need to do is find your desired international dialling code here and follow our simple online instructions to start talking in no time.

Here’s a few examples of what it would cost your loved ones (or you!) to call landlines around the world*:

Australia – 2p per min
Spain – 1p per min
France – 1.5p per min
Canada – 1p per min
China – 6p per min
Denmark – 1.5p per min
Hong Kong – 3p per min
Israel – 1p per min
India – 2p per minItaly – 1p per min
New Zealand – 2p per min
Philippines – 12p per min
Poland – 1.5p per min
Romania – 1p per min
USA – 1.5p per min

There are many, many more countries you could call and the best thing is you won’t be charged over the odds per minute if you call through Cherry Call. If you’d like to find out more simply click here. If you’d prefer to talk to a member of our friend team, why not give us a call on 0344 332 1444.

*Plus a 5p connection fee.


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