Heartening Facts about National Hug Day!

With National Hug Day fast approaching, we thought we’d bring you a few facts about this lesser-known nationally observed day so that you can help spread the hugs yourself!

Despite originating in the USA, ‘National Hug Day’ is actually an internationally acknowledged day and is unofficially celebrated in many countries throughout the world.

National Hug Day is a wonderful celebration of embrace between friends, family and strangers! Created to spread love and admiration throughout the country, National Hug Day is advertised as a great way to alleviate stress, make you happy, make you feel more supported and even regulate the production of white blood cells to help keep you fit and healthy!

 Date: 21st January

Occurrence: Annually

Date of 1st Celebration: 21st January 1986

Country of Origin: USA

National or International: Internationally recognised and celebrated

Public Holiday: No

Creator: Kevin Zaborney

Objective: Day dedicated to hugging

Fun Fact: Did you know that the world record for the largest group hug was reached in May 2010 by a group of people in Ottawa, Canada, at an event called Bear Hug III? It consisted of a staggering 10,554 individuals!

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