Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy jolly folks ‘o Cherry Call, ’tis Musket Ball Ross here ’n it be indeed International Talk Like a Pirate Day! I come wit’ th’ best news ye could wish fer. Keep on readin’ ‘n ye’ll find out what we’re on ‘bout (but ye’ll have to set sail to th’ land ‘o America or Canada)…

What’s it all ’bout i hear ye shout

Ye spy wit’ ye eye, ’tis day has be a real thin’ since way back in 1995 when a certain double act known as Ol’ Chumbucket (Johny-boy Baur) ‘n Cap’n Slappy (Mark Summers) ‘o Albany, Oregon, decided it was a jolly idea to speak scurvy pirate one day a year. Yarr, truth be told, it went below a storm ‘n ’tis ben acknowledged on ’tis here 19th day o’ SeptembARrrrr ever since! Seems a jolly idea to me!

No need to sail th’ seven seven seas to speak to Cap’n Doris Firepants

Isn’t it great in ’tis modern world – no longer do we have to sail th’ seven seas to reach lands afar. No, hearty thanks to modern technology because all we do these days be pick up our telephones, use th’ mighty services ‘o Cherry Call, stamp a number in ‘n yarr! We be shoutin’ to someone a thousand miles away – a scurvy pirate’s life has never be easier!

So, now be th’ the hour to dust off ye Treasure Island books ‘n start practicin’! Gunna ye be partyin’ on ’tis here International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Let us be knowin’ what ye’ll be up to ‘n don’t forget, whatever ye do, do it wit’ pirattitude!

Who here wants some free grub?

Shiver me timbers, we almost forgot! Setting sail to, or know anyone in America or Canada? Why not give them a call wit’ ’tis here jolly Cherry Call service and let them know about a certain crackin’ deal from Krispy Creme… anyone who turns up talking like a pirate or dressed like a pirate will receive a FREE Original Glazed Doughnut*!

Oh, and ye can find ye extra own scurvy pirate moniker, here.

*In participating stores in America and Canada

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