Easter Greetings with a Cherry On Top!

This year Easter is falling on the 27th… this Sunday! This can only mean umpteen things – an excellent excuse for eating too much chocolate (how much is ‘too much’, anyway?), Easter egg hunts, the consumption of Hot Cross Buns slathered with butter, fresh spring walks, pretty flowers and the onset of brighter, warmer weather accompanied with longer days… well, here’s hoping!

If you fancy finding out a little more about the humble Easter Egg, read on!

The fox and the, er, hound?Easter

Did you know that in some parts of Germany its a fox who promptly delivers the Easter eggs? If you find that a bit random, wait until you learn that in Switzerland it’s a cuckoo making the rounds… no Easter Bunnies over there!


You might also be interested to know that if it wasn’t for our dear friends over in France and Germany we wouldn’t even have our scruffy Easter Eggs! That’s right, Easter eggs first made an appearance in 19th century France and Germany!

Is bigger really better?

Have you ever wonder about the biggest Easter egg? The tallest chocolate Easter egg was made in Tosca, Italy, and measured 34ft 1in in height, weighed 7,200kg and had a circumference of 64ft 3in at its widest point!

If you’d like to make a call to Germany or Switzerland to express your intrigue regarding Mr Fox and Mr Cuckoo you can do so cheaply with Cherry Call! Alternatively, why not give France and Germany a call to thank them for our Easter Eggs! With calls starting from just 1p a minute, you can afford to call them all!

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