Discerning People Dial Around to Make Cheap International Calls

Ever wanted to make a cheaper international call without signing up to a lengthy phone service contract?  BT and the other big networks charge exorbitant rates when you make these calls, but there is a way around paying these sky high rates for your overseas calls.

Here’s how it works

Instead of just calling the international number directly you ‘dial around’, using a special access number first.

For example, to make a cheaper call to France you would dial 0843 716 4444 … wait for the new dial tone and then key in the full number in France you want to call, starting 0033 as normal.

Want to call another country? Click here to select the country you want to call.

No Registration and No PINs

It really is that simple – dial our access number, then your overseas number and you’ll pay substantially less than calling directly.  There are no PINs to remember and we don’t ask for any user details what-so-ever.

Avoiding Extra Charges is Easy

When you’re finished talking, either hang up as normal, or press ## on your telephone keypad to make another call.

From 2p a minute to call (plus your phone provider’s access charge)

Our 0843 716 4444 access number will call a whole host of countries, so don’t hang up if you want to make other international calls.  Our two pee a minute access number will get you connected to many countries, including here:

AustraliaAustria, BangladeshCanada, ChinaCyprus, Denmark, FranceGermany, GreeceHungary, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, IrelandIsrael, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, MexicoNetherlands, New Zealand, PolandPortugal, Sweden, USA and more!

Got a website or blog?

Share these savings with your visitors by including this simple HTML code on your webpage:

<p><strong>International calls</strong> from <strong>1p</strong> a minute from <strong><a href="https://cherry-call.co.uk">Cherry Call</a></strong></p>

This is how the code will look:

International calls from 1p a minute from Cherry Call


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