Call Abroad for FREE!

By now we’re sure you’re well aware that Cherry Call is the go-to place for super cheap international calls, often saving you £60 (or more!) per hour compared to calling direct through BT, but what if we told you we could offer you the same great international calls for FREE?

Yes, you read that right

Yep, you can now call abroad through Cherry Call for absolutely FREE. Pay nothing, nada, zero, zilch, for as long as you like! There’s no sign up, no hidden costs or annoying adverts, just super crisp calls for FREE!

Surely there’s a catch?

Nope! As long as your phone provider offers inclusive calls to 0845 numbers (most do) then you can call over 80 different destinations and it won’t cost you a single penny!Globe

If your phone provider doesn’t offer calls to 0845 numbers as part of your package, you’ll simply pay 5p per minute. You won’t need to remember any PIN numbers, call after 7pm on a Tuesday or stand on top of the nearest telephone box to take advantage of this incredible offer – just follow the super simple steps listed here and start calling for FREE!

Where can I call?

We currently offer FREE calls to 82 destinations worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Poland, Romania, Spain, Germany, China, France, India, Japan, Italy and many, many more! To view the comprehensive list, simply click here.

Happy calling, folks!

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