Black Day

Have you ever been single on Valentine’s Day and wished that you could have celebrated, or at least mourned, your loveless life? Well, in Korea you can do exactly that.

With an impressive 15 love-based holidays (more on that later), Korea even has a day designated especially for single folk. Whilst not an official holiday, ‘Black Day’ is acknowledged by thousands of people every year. It falls after Valentine’s Day, when women treat their men to chocolate gifts, and ‘White Day’, a day when men display their love and devotion by buying their loved-one candy!

How’d you like some sticky black noodles?

Every year on the 14th April singletons in Korea come together to mourn their non-existent love life in a public display of solidarity. No public displays of affection in sight here, oh no! Instead people get together to enjoy delicious comfort food in the form of sticky black noodles! Yum! Covered in black bean paste, jajangmyeon is the designated food for Black Day. Serious celebrants even go so far as to dress in black clothing and drink black coffee after their black noodles!

Something for every month of the year!

The Koreans are a romantic lot, you know. Did you know that there are 15 love-based days throughout the year (and most of them fall on the 14th)? These include ‘Yellow Day’/‘Rose Day’ where couples dress in yellow and give each other roses, ‘Kiss Day’, where making your love known to your crush is encouraged and other days Black Day including ‘Silver Day’, ‘Green Day’, ‘Photo/Music Day’, ‘Wine Day’, ‘Movie Day’ and ‘Hug Day’! Phew – what a busy year the Koreans have!

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