Our Top 7 Croatian Proverbs to Try

Here at Cherry Call we like a challenge. We also like linguistics, and in our opinion there’s nothing quite like a linguistic challenge to get the neurons firing. We’ve put together a list of our top 7 Croatian proverbs to try to fit into your next low cost call to Croatia. Try to fit them all in!

    1. Bez muke nema nauke
      A truism in any language, nothing ventured, nothing gained. This one should be fairly easy to fit in most conversations. This one also translates as no pain, no gain, and as this is meant to be a challenge, let’s move onto something a little more challenging.
    2. Bog zatvori jedna vrata, a otvori stotinu
      This is used to console a member of your friend or family when, for example, they fail an audition or don’t get a job they were going for. As we say in English, When one door, shuts another opens.
    3. Djeca, budale i pijani pravdu govore
      This one is so universally true that even the ancient Romans had a saying for it. Literally, this says children, fools and drunken men tell the truth, though most of simply still use the Latin In vino veritas.
    4. Dobar glas se daleko čuje, loš još dalje
      This one may be slightly more difficult to drop into conversation, but it’s an accurate proverb worthy of contemplation all the same. An English translation of this proverb would be ingratitude is the world’s reward. How you fit that into your conversation is up to you.

  1. Kak dobljeno, tak zgubljeno
    You may have already guessed this one – easy come, easy go seems to be a pretty universal proverb, and with good reason. As such, dropping this proverb into your call should be fairly easy.
  2. Kratka sprava je bolši kakor dolga Pravda
    This one should be a lot more challenging for you. A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. It may take a bit of effort steering the conversation towards giving sagely advice on the wise and careful decision making, but your Croatian friend will be thoroughly impressed if you can complete this part of the challenge.
  3. Prvo skoči pa reci: “hop”!
    While we’re not ones to steer people away from talking, this proverb is one which you’ll be familiar with in English – walk the walk, then talk the talk. It should be fairly easy to get this jokingly into your conversation.
  4. Pas koji laje, ne grize
    Barking dogs seldom bite or all bark and no bite, this proverb is another one which fairly well known. Try fitting this into your call when talking about an irritating person at the office or at their school.
  5. Željezo se kuje dok je vruće
    Strike while the iron is hot – a useful phrase for encouraging your friend that there’s no time like the present. Remember that if you want to call Croatia there really is no time like the present, and when you can save £47.40 an hour with Cherry Call, what’s stopping you?

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