4 Things You Must Do in Prague!

Home to a wide range of impeccably preserved architectural masterpieces, Prague is a city that offers an immersive experience for your heart, mind, body and soul. From the beautiful buildings to the thriving culture and wild nightlife, Prague has lots to offer even the most discerning traveller or expat. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 4 things you absolutely must do whilst in Prague…

Prague 1

  1. Take a walk over Charles Bridge – Commissioned by King Charles IV in 1357, this incredible bridge spans 16 arches, features no less than 30 religious statues and includes 1,700 feet of cobblestones! Crammed full of local vendors selling everything from hot dogs to souvenirs, a trip across this bridge is like no other!
  1. Marvel at Prague Castle’s magnificent stature – laying claim to being the largest ancient castle in the world, Prague Castle is roughly the size of 7 football fields and was built almost 900 years ago! Unsurprisingly, the castle dominates the local landscape with it’s huge stature and awe-inspiring spires.
  1. Walk through the ages – incredibly, Prague’s old Town Square hasn’t changed much since the 10th century, so each step you take along the cobbled roads is like stepping back in time! Lose yourself down the ancient streets and marvel at the history.
  1. Admire the view from the Petrín Lookout Tower – this miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower (63m compared to 324m) offers a spectacular view across Prague, along with a cafe to rest your feet and quench your thirst!Prague 2

But that’s not all! This wonderful city has a whole lot more to offer, so why not go and explore it for yourself! Whilst you’re there your friends and family can call you cheaply and keep up-to-date with your Czech adventures through Cherry Call; simply give them the international dialling code of 00420 and point them in the direction of our website!

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