4 Things You Must Do in Oslo!

The city where the sun never sleeps (well, during summer months at least!), Oslo is a vibrant and bustling capital city that offers endless activities to visitors all year round. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 4 things you absolutely must do whilst in Oslo…

  1. Visit the Viking Ship Museum! We’re all aware that the vikings were ruthless conquerors who were well ahead of their time, but it all seems rather unreal until you get up close and personal with the Oseberg ship. This beautiful wooden creation dates back to around 800AD and really is a sight to admire!
  1. See Oslo by boat – there are many tour companies who will happily take you around Oslo’s many fjords and we implore you to embark on such a tour. The sights, smells and landscapes you’ll witness are nothing short of incredible and it’ll give you a chance to view this great city from the other side of the coin.
  1. Take a stroll through Grünerløkka – Grünerløkka is crammed full of wonderful little cafés, restaurants and bars where you can sample some local delicacies and tipples in a colourful and vibrant atmosphere, before shopping ’til-you-drop in the many vintage, second hand and designer shops!

  1. Grab a coffee and a show at the Oslo Opera House – undoubtedly a beautifully designed modern building, the Oslo Opera House is much more than merely a wonderful sight. Unlike most buildings throughout the world, visitors are actively encouraged to walk along the roof of this stunning building! So why not grab a coffee and witness the spectacular view, before grabbing your seat for an engrossing show of ballet or opera!

But that’s not all! This wonderful city has a whole lot more to offer, so why not go and explore it for yourself! Whilst you’re there, your friends and family can call you cheaply and keep up-to-date with your Norwegian adventures through Cherry Call; simply give them the international dialling code of 0047 and point them in the direction of our website!

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