4 Things You Must Do in Brussels!

Founded more than 1,000 years ago, Brussels has grown to become not only a vibrant and exciting city, but home to headquarters of the European Union, too. Brussels boasts many delicacies, including beer, chocolate and ‘frites’ (chips), all of which are popular choices for tourists and locals alike! Often overlooked as a tourist destination, Brussels has an awful lot to offer visitors. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 4 things you absolutely must do whilst in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium

  1. Explore the Grand-Place – once the meeting place for dukes, emperors and royalty, as well as a sight for executions and markets, the Grand-Place is steeped in so much history that it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the buildings date back to the 14th century and the cobbled streets have changed very little over the last few hundred years. It is now the site of modern markets and happens to be one of Brussel’s main tourist attractions!
  2. Marvel at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Koekelberg Basilica) – modelled upon Paris’ Sacré-Coeur, this impressive building took 66 years to complete and actually boasts the accolade of being one of the largest churches in the world! Not only is the building truly magnificent, the view across Brussels from the Cupola Platform is breathtaking, too.
  3. Goggle at Manneken Pis – this cheeky little chappie is one of the most famous statues in Belgium and perfectly demonstrates the Belgian sense of humour. Created back in 1619, Manneken Pis has been fascinating visitors ever since and serves as one of Brussels’ most popular tourist attractions!
  4. Head down the Rue de Bouchers – renowned for its rustic charm, this fascinating 17th centurythoroughfare is packed full of cafes and restaurants and even boasts stunning displays of seafood and vegetables upon its historic pavements. If you’re feeling peckish, Rue de Bouchers is the place to go!

But that’s not all! This wonderful city has a whole lot more to offer, so why not go and explore it for yourself! Whilst you’re there, your friends and family can call you cheaply and keep up-to-date with your Belgian adventures through Cherry Call; simply give them the international dialling code of 0032 and point them in the direction of our website!

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