24 Key Facts About South Korea

Looking to boost your knowledge of this picturesque country? Take a look at these 24 facts about South Korea!

Geographical stats…

  1. South Korea is a beautiful and vibrant country in East Asia.
  2. It has a single border with North Korea to the north.
  3. If you fancy a bowl of Kimchi amongst the many delicacies this wonderful country has to offer, head for the coordinates of 37.5500° N, 126.9667° E.
  4. The terrain here is mostly hilly and mountainous in the north and east, whilst the west and south feature wide coastal plains.
  5. The total land area of South Korea is 38,321 square miles (99,250 square kilometres)…
  6. …that’s slightly larger than Portugal.
  7. South Korea’s population was 49,115,196 in 2015…
  8. …that’s around 5 times the population of Portugal!
  9. It’ll come as no surprise that residents here are known as… Koreans!
  10. The capital is Seoul; it covers an area of 234 square miles (605 square kilometres) and had a population of 9,774,000 in 2015.
  11. Koreans enjoy a temperate climate with cold winters and wet but warm summers.
  12. If you’re visiting, be sure to pack your binoculars as South Korea is home to black bears, brown bears, tigers, lynx, goats, deer, voles and many different species of bird.

Social intricacies

  1. The official language of South Korea is Korean, although English is widely spoken.
  2. South Korean Won is the official currency here.
  3. The average life span here is 80 years.
  4. Fancy a mud massage or a spot of mud wrestling? Conceived in 1998, the Boryeong Mud Festival runs for 10 days each year and offers people the opportunity to take part in all manner of mud related activities!
  5. Koreans believe that blood type has a bearing on personality and it is apparently not uncommon for prospective partners to ask each other what blood type they are!
  6. In South Korea, babies are considered to be 1 year old at the time of birth, meaning that 1 year after birth they are considered 2 years old (rather than 1!).
  7. Taxis in South Korea are colour coded by what level of service they offer! ‘Standard taxis’ are generally orange, white or silver, whilst ‘deluxe taxis’ are black with a yellow sign on top – very swish!
  8. Kimchi, a delicious spicy vegetable dish, is eaten with most meals in South Korea.

Industry insights…

  1. This Eastern country grows rice, barley, vegetables and root crops; they also rear cattle and catch fish.
  2. Its industry consists of automobile production, electronics, chemicals, steel, shipbuilding and textiles.
  3. South Korea exports machinery and equipment, electronic products, steel, ships, motor vehicles and textiles.

Bonus Fact!

  1. Do you know someone living, working or visiting South Korea? You can make cheap calls to South Korea with Cherry Call – don’t forget you’ll also need to use the international dialling code of 0082.

To keep up-to-date with what’s going on in South Korea, head over to the Korea Times website.

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