22 Strange Facts about the UK

Not many people know we also offer calls to UK mobiles (whether they’re abroad at the time or not). In honour of this, this blog focuses on some interesting, quizzical and downright bizarre facts about the UK.

    1. You can find over 300 languages spoken here.
    2. For 300 years we were all speaking French.
    3. As the stereotype dictates we drink more tea than anywhere else in the entire world (about 165 million cups a day).
    4. The queen owns every swan in the country.
    5. There are more chickens than people.
    6. Champagne was invented in England.
    7. We have strange laws, for instance it is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas day despite tradition.
    8. Britain is considered to have the worst food in the world, however London is also home to many Michelin star chefs, including Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal and Marco Pierre White.
    9. British cows have regional accents
    10. We hold the record for the world’s shortest war; just 38 minutes!

  1. The most common name is John Smith.
  2. Scotland is home to the world’s oldest golf course.
  3. Wales has a railway station named “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”
  4. London was the first city to trial an underground railway.
  5. The most remote pub in Britain is 107 miles from the nearest city.
  6. Queen Victoria was once given a giant cheese wheel measuring 3m in diameter.
  7. It is considered treason to paste a stamp upside down.
  8. England is home to the largest Ferris wheel in Europe: The London Eye.
  9. The Queen may not enter the House of Commons.
  10. Scotland produces over 250 million liters of whisky each year; Scotch whisky is world famous.
  11. Kilts were temporarily illegal in Scotland.
  12. Sausages used to be named “Bags of Mystery”

I hope you’ve enjoyed these facts about the UK. Remember if you’d like to make a cheap call to a UK mobile, remember to include the dialing prefix 0044 and drop the first zero of the mobile number.

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