22 Fruitful Facts About France

    1. France is a highly popular, historical and in some parts, untouched country in Western Europe.
    2. It is bordered by Belgium and Luxembourg in the northeast, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to the east and Monaco, Andorra and Spain to the south. It also has a coastline along the English Channel to the northwest, the North Sea in the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Bay of Biscay to the west.
    3. The coordinates for France are 47.0000° N, 2.0000°
    4. The terrain here is mostly flat with hills in the north and west. There are also the Pyrenees Mountains in the south and the Alps in the east.
    5. Mont Blanc in the French Alps is the highest mountain in Western Europe, standing at a dizzying 15,771 feet!
    6. The total land area of France is 210,026 square miles (543,965 square kilometres).
    7. France’s population was 66.0 million in 2013.
    8. The chic and romantic capital city, Paris, covers an area of 40.7 square miles (105.4 square kilometres) and has a population of 2.2 million (2014).
    9. The average life span here is 79 years.

  1. The French climate varies wildly throughout the country. For the most part France enjoys a continental climate, with a mediterranean climate in the south.
  2. In 2014, France was the most popular tourist destination in the world with an incredible 84.7 million visitors!
  3. The Médaille de la Famille Française is a medal given to parents by the government who are deemed to have raised several children ‘with dignity’.
  4. On average, the French each consume around 500 snails per year!
  5. The official language of France is of course, French! Oui, oui!
  6. Euro is the official currency here. Make sure you stock up to buy all those yummy pastries!
  7. Interestingly, the oldest bridge in Paris is actually called Pont Neuf which translates to ‘New Bridge’!
  8. Often seen as the cheese capital of the world, there are more than 1,000 different cheeses produced in France!
  9. Despite all this cheese, France has some of the lowest obesity levels in the EU!
  10. France grows wheat, sugar beets, cereals and potatoes, rears cattle, catches fish and produces cheese.
  11. Its industry consists of chemicals, machinery, metallurgy, automobiles, aircraft, textiles and electronics.
  12. France also exports automobiles, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, machinery and transport equipment.
  13. The international dialling code for France is 0033.  Find out how you can make the cheapest calls to France, right here!

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